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Personal, Social, Health & Relationships Education (PSHRE)

We aim to provide a broad and balanced PSHRE curriculum, delivering all the statutory requirements whilst continuously adapting our teaching to reflect the needs and circumstances of the children we teach. We aim to create caring, considerate citizens, who are equipped with the skills necessary to be able to make informed decisions, challenge stereotypes and enjoy the diverse community they are part of. We will teach students to be aware of their feelings and emotions and give them strategies to manage and support their mental health. We will teach them about keeping their bodies and minds healthy, and about how their bodies and emotions will change through puberty. We will also teach them about creating and maintaining good relationships, and how to recognise and manage signs that relationships may not be healthy. Lessons will take a variety of forms, supported by special weeks or days addressing the key themes running through our curriculum.

In Year 6, we also teach an additional unit of Sex Education. This is outlined in our policy and is taught in an age-appropriate way. Parents can view the resources that will be used by asking their child's class teacher in the half-term prior to it being taught. 

At the heart of our PSHRE is the wellbeing of each unique student we teach and the desire to give them all the tools they need to become an emotionally mature, productive and self-confident member of society. Our teaching will constantly adapt and develop in consideration of this.