Millhouse Primary School and Nursery

Premises Committee Committee


As defined by the full Governing Body


The quorum of the Committee will be 3 members.

Frequency of Meetings

The Committee will meet at least once each term and will hold such additional meetings as are necessary. Minutes will be taken at each meeting.

Review of Terms of Reference

These will be discussed/approved annually at first meeting in Spring Term, which will be minuted. Terms of Reference and Delegated Powers

  1. To act in accordance with the Education (School Government) Regulations and other legislation affecting the conduct and responsibilities of School Governing Bodies.
  2. To have regard, in carrying out delegated functions, to the School Development Plan approved by the Governing Body, giving due respect to safeguarding.
  3. To appoint a Chair at the first meeting in each academic year unless one has already been appointed by the Governing Body.
  4. To have oversight of the Asset Management Plans.
  5. To monitor and review all aspects of maintenance and improvement or repair to the buildings, grounds and plant.
  6. To ensure that there are no shortfalls in the minimum standards laid down, particularly relating to Health & Safety Regulations.
  7. To draw up a plan for the security of the schools and to keep security under review.
  8. To administer applications for hire of premises.
  9. To ensure that the character of the school’s building is retained.
  10. To monitor and approve appropriate expenditure relating to Capital Grants.
  11. To appoint architects, builders, ground maintenance teams, surveyors etc according to the established procedures laid down by school governors and monitor all aspects of their work.
  12. To monitor aspects of expenditure and control of maintenance and improvement to the school premises.
  13. To report all aspects of improvement and requirements for the smooth running of the schools, in relation to the premises, to the full governors.
  14. To receive reports from the Site Manager and to delegate powers for day-to-day matters to the Headteachers.
  15. To liaise with Millhouse Primary School and Nursery on matters of joint responsibility.
  16. To review Fire Safety procedures termly.
  17. To review annually the Health and Safety Policies.

Millhouse Primary School and Nursery

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