Millhouse Primary School and Nursery


Ref. Gov: Perstref 12/13


Minimum of three members of the Governing Body, including the Headteacher. Non-Governor members may be co-opted and approved by the full Governing Body. The Quorum shall be three members.


  • To assist in the administering of the staffing requirements for the school both in the teaching and non teaching areas.
  • To approve procedures for the recruitment and appointment of staff.
  • To consider applications from staff for secondments or leave of absence.
  • To consider and recommend to the Governing Body policies regarding early retirement and redundancy.
  • To follow established procedures when advertising, selecting and appointing new members of staff.
  • To make recommendations to the Finance Committee on staffing needs to meet the requirements of the curriculum.
  • To ensure that all staff receive appropriate training and access to professional development.
  • To take due notice of the Safe Recruitment Policy.
  • To review staff well being.
  • To review and agree staffing structure.

Planning and Control

To authorise and monitor expenditure within the staffing budgets with delegated powers for day-to-day matters, including supply cover, being passed to the Headteacher.

Appointment and Promotion of Staff

Before making any appointment governors must consider any advice from the Headteacher (except in the case of their successor).
    1. Headteacher - Managed by Essex County Council
    2. Deputy Headteacher - To be advertised nationally

For the above posts appointment is to be made and approved by the full Governing Body on the same day as interviews if practical, but in any event within a maximum period of 48 hours.

    3. Teaching staff Temporary appointments (One term or less; full or part time): - Delegated to Headteacher
    4. Teaching staff Permanent appointments – Delegated to Headteacher
    5. Teaching staff Supply – Delegated to Headteacher
    6. Non-teaching Temporary appointments (one term or less) – Delegated to Headteacher
    7. Non-teaching Permanent appointments with part-time hours – Delegated to Headteacher
    8. Non-teaching Permanent full time appointments – Delegated to Headteacher

N.B – Members of appointment/interview panels should not include members of the Grievance Committee.

Advertising – Staff other than Head or Deputy Head

Unless the governors decide to appoint to the vacancy a person already employed to Work at the school, they must advertise the vacancy as they think fit.


A selection panel to shortlist candidates (other than Headteacher) will include the Headteacher.


The panel must include at least one ‘Safer Recruitment’ trained committee member.

Policies and Procedures

The Personnel Committee is responsible for reviewing and ratifying appropriate policies including the following:
    i) Appointment of teaching and non-teaching staff
    ii) Redployment and redundancy
    iii) Early retirement
    iv) Leave of absence
    v) Sickness absence Management
    vi) Disciplinary
    vii) Appeal proceedings
    viii) Performance Management
    ix) Capability (Support Staff)
    x) Capability (Teaching Staff)
    xi) Code of Conduct
    xii) Confidentiality
    xiii) Equal Opportunities
    xiv) Family Friendly
    xv) Grievance (incl. Harrassment and Bullying)
    xvi) Probation (Support Staff)
    xvii) Other policies

The Governing Body is also responsible for establishing committees to deal with items (vi) and (vii). The Headteacher is precluded from sitting on committees established for items (vi) and (vii) but may attend to give advice.


Committee meetings will be held at least once a term in consultation with the Headteacher.

A member of the committee will make a record of all proceedings at the meeting. Minutes will be circulated to all Governors via the Clerk

The Chair of of the Personnel Committee will report to the regular meetings of the governing body.

The Committee will liaise with with such other committees and invite members of other committees to attend its meetings as it should deem appropriate. Any matters which may be in conflict with the work of another committee must be referred to the Governing Body.

Millhouse Primary School and Nursery

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